sábado, 12 de octubre de 2013

Vitiligo Project

Vitiligo Project

Vitiligo or Vitíligo is a degenerative disease of the skin, in which melanocytes (the cells responsible for skin pigmentation) die leaving melanin (the substance producing the pigmentation of the skin) in the area where cell death has ocurred.

This degenerative disease has been really present un my life because my mother and sister suffer from.

Overtime I have seen the progress of this degenerative disease in the skin of my sister.
Those little white shapes, part of my sister´s skin, inspires me to create a project called "Vitiligo"

In this project I start to read and study the shapes of my sister´s hands. I selected some of the shapes, and then I embroider individually in a textile support.


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sara. dijo...

no sabia que Elena tenia vitiligo. yo también lo tengo. <3